Achieve Your Dream Smile with Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that function like your natural tooth roots. Made of strong and biocompatible titanium, your dentist places them into your jawbone. You’ll enjoy bite strength as if your natural tooth roots were in place. By visiting our practice, you’ll benefit from Dr. Hayden’s extensive experience and his additional training at the Kois Center, a training facility that helps dentists advance their skills in implant placement and other areas. He leads our team in providing exceptional implant dentistry.

We will ensure you fully understand your options and enjoy a comfortable experience every step of the way. You can also opt for sedation if you feel nervous. Using advanced technology such as 3-D impressions and digital X-rays, your dentist will meticulously plan your implant placement. Your dentist will also attach your replacement teeth to your implants.

Your options include:

  • Implant Crowns – When a crown is paired with an implant, it gives you a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for single tooth replacement.
  • Implant Bridges – Replace several teeth in a row by pairing a bridge with dental implants. The bridge restores the function of your teeth without having to anchor to nearby teeth. Unlike a traditional bridge, it also prevents tooth loss in your jaw.
  • Implant Dentures – Your dentist can attach your dentures to dental implants. This offers increased stability, comfort, and confidence when compared to traditional removable dentures. Since you’ll avoid bone loss, your dentures will maintain a better fit.
  • All-on-4 Implants This full arch dental implants solution pairs a custom set of teeth to only four implants. The procedure uses fewer materials and is quicker than other types of implant dentures. You’re also less likely to need a bone graft before getting your new teeth.
  • Same-Day Smile Your dentist will plan your procedure, so you can have your dental implants placed and gain a temporary set of teeth in a single appointment. You’ll return for a more permanent set of teeth once your implants are fully healed. We’ll need to ensure you are good candidate for this process before we begin.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction Your dentist will prepare you for an entire reconstruction of your smile using multiple procedures, including dental implants. The health and function of your teeth will be fully restored.

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