Repair Your Tooth With a Crown or Bridge

At Hayden Dental Care, our team prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction, which is why we invest in advanced technology for your benefit. With same-day crowns made using 3-D technology, you can enjoy the convenience of custom dental restorations without the need for multiple appointments. Whether you arrive dealing with a dental emergency or have been struggling with pain or minimal tooth function, a dental crown or bridge can give you back your smile. With our technology, you can get a crown in one appointment. You won’t have to wait a week or more for an outside lab to make your restoration, and there’s no need for a temporary crown. Your options include:

  • Dental Crown – A custom-made crown or cap is placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore strength and appearance. We can create yours in one visit.
  • Dental Bridge – A bridge can replace one or more missing teeth in a row. A traditional dental bridge is anchored to nearby teeth using crowns.
  • Implant Crown – You can replace a single missing tooth with an implant crown combination. You take care of the tooth like normal and enjoy restored confidence in your smile.
  • Implant Bridge – An implant bridge can replace multiple missing teeth. Instead of anchoring to nearby teeth, your bridge is secured by dental implants instead. You can enjoy all the foods you love without having to limit your choices. Plus, your dentist won’t have to remove any structure from nearby teeth.

Whether you need to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth, you’ll appreciate our welcoming atmosphere that ensures every visit is a positive experience. You can relax with sedation. You can also block out the sounds of our equipment by wearing headphones while we work.

Call 503-446-6919 for dental crowns and bridges in Tigard. You can also ​​schedule online.